…they often say, and it’s no different when trying to find the music you love from back in the day in either digital or vinyl form. The fact is, there’s a very healthy re-press and second-hand market out there, it’s just spread all over the place instead of in one tidy record shop!

I still buy a lot of records and as a result, I often get asked where I buy them, so I decided to put all the stores and links together in one place for an easy one-stop place to get your beloved Old Skool Hardcore, Rave & Jungle.

NOTE: This is by no means a final list, I’m positive there are plenty more links to be added and I’m more than happy to do so to spread the word. Please feel free to drop a comment below with recommended links or get in touch via the contact page.



21st Century Impact (DJ Seduction) – Direct
ADR & Universe (Dave Charlesworth) – Bandcamp
Creative Wax – Bandcamp
Deep Jungle – Bandcamp
Face Records – Beatport
Ibiza Records – Bandcamp
Jedi Recordings – Bandcamp
Just Another Label – Direct
Kemet Records – Direct
KLP Records / DJ Monk – Bandcamp
Kniteforce Records – DirectBandcampiTunesJunoDownloadBeatport
Liftin Spirits – Direct
Lucky Spin – Beatport
Metalheadz – Direct
Moving Shadow – iTunes – Beatport
RAM Records – Direct
Reinforced Records – iTunesJunoDownloadBeatportBandcamp
Ruff Guidance / Bay B Kane – Bandcamp
Skeleton Recordings – Bandcamp
Sound Entity – Facebook
Suburban Base – iTunesJunoDownloadBeatport
Trouble On Vinyl – Bandcamp
V Recordings – Direct


Acen – iTunes
Altern-8 – Bandcamp
DJ Pooch- Bandcamp
DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer – Beatport
DJ Zinc –Bandcamp
Fat Controller – Direct – Beatport
FBD Project – Bandcamp
Force Mass Motion – Bandcamp
Jack Smooth aka Ron Wells – Facebook (he posts all his releases here)
Justice & Mercury- Bandcamp – Couple of represses from back in the day and a few new bits as well
Krome & Time – Bandcamp
Manix – Bandcamp – iTunes
Nookie aka Cloud 9 – Beatport
Orca – Beatport
Pascal – Beatport – iTunes
Seduction – Bandcamp
Shades Of Rhythm – Bandcamp
SL2 – iTunesJunoDownloadBeatport
Slipmatt – Direct – The full SMD collection and more!
Synchronome – Bandcamp
Tango (RIP) – Bandcamp


Discogs – A really obvious one but my go-to for 90% of the records I buy!
Juno Records – Can be a little tricky discovering tracks on here but worth keeping an eye out as they do stock re-presses.
Vinyl Junkie UK – All the new releases for Hardcore & Jungle in one place!

8205 Recordings – Bandcamp
Blueskin Badger Records – DirectInstagram – Discogs
Deep Jungle – Bandcamp
Disc World – Direct
Flashback Records – Direct
Flex and many more!
HardcoreJunglism.com – Direct – Massive selection of artist/label approved digital (and now vinyl) from the likes of Dillinja, Foul Play, Cool Hand
Keeping Vinyl Alive – Direct
MPS (Music Preservation Society)Bandcamp – These guys have done a great job re-mastering and re-releasing some classics, also check their Facebook Group for requests.
Music Mondays – Run by the cheeky chappy of Hardcore, Billy ‘Daniel’ Bunter, A great selection of old and new records as well and Rave autobiographies!
Ninety-Two Retro – Run by the Elusive Dave Birch, the releases are fairly spread out but when they come, they come BIG!
Redeye Records Direct – Like with Juno, you’ll need to hunt through to find the gems, but worth it.
Take It From The Top – www.takeitfromthetop.co.uk
Two Twelve Tens – Direct
Underground Music – Bandcamp – Selection of represses from the likes of Ellis Dee, Cheeba City, Bogwoppa, Criminal Minds, Skanna, and more!
Vinyl Fanatiks – DirectBandcamp – A project run by Brent from Aquasky to bring back some major classics and underground bangers!


Here’s a selection of sites making new and authentic Hardcore & Jungle

4 The Core RecordingsBandcamp
Ako Beatz – Direct
Flash Cats – Bandcamp
Good2Go DMR – Bandcamp
Hardcore Vinylist Records – Bandcamp
Pete Cannon / N4 Records – Bandcamp
Seventh Storey Projects – Direct
Sneaker Social – Bandcamp
Spandangle Selection – Direct
Sub Code – Bandcamp
Parallax – Bandcamp
Peace On Wax – Bandcamp
Trigger Happy – Bandcamp
Tru Unity – Bandcamp
Violet Nights Recordings – Bandcamp