Next week looking lively, who’s with me?
Sat 1/4 – Rave Story (Top Buzz tribute set)
Sat 1/4 – Jungle Syndicate (upfront Hardcore Junglist)
Thu 6/4 – Devon’s Road (upfront Hardcore Junglist)

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1 New Atlantic Yes To Satan (Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion remix) Warehouse Wax
2 Sync Dynamix Is This Reality Parallax [PARA021]
3 Swankout The Cannon Effect N4 Records
4 Microcosm Chockys Children Unsigned
5 Ellis Dee I Can’t Wait Rave Radio – Calling The Hardcore Vol 4
6 Syko Boom! (93 Mix) Blueskin Badger [BSBR003]
7 DMS Vengeance (Kingsize Remix) Kniteforce
8 Secret Squirrel Wickford Badboy Kniteforce Records [KF 169]
9 Harmony Dream Future Retro [FR013]
10 LMajor Hornz WNCL Recordings [WNCL 042]
11 Nookie The Sound Of Music (Pete Cannon Remix) Kniteforce Records [KF200]
12 Rob FWA Acid Techno Party
13 Sikka Respek Warehouse Wax [WHWM 026]
14 RAVETRX On A Mission Hooversound Recordings [HOO14]
15 Fast Floor Plight Of The Innovators (Remix) Kniteforce Records [KF 243]
16 DJH Nightmare Amen Brother [AB-VFS021] Finished Business EP
17 Tenebre Full Stab WNCL [WNCL041]
18 Persons Unknown Klanger Blueskin Badger [BSBR006]
19 Q Project Champion Sound (Hyper-On Experience remix) Kniteforce
20 RAVETRX On A Mission (Nova Cheq Remix) Hooversound Recordings [HOO14]
21 Settle Down Sniper E-BEAMZ045
22 Beardy Future Time Ninety Two Retroactive [9T2RA 002]
23 Aeon Four Ex Machina Straight Up Breakbeat [SUBB9605]
24 Thugwidow The Faint Whimper Of A Desperate Man (Tim Reaper Remix) Bukva Sound [BUKVA 003]
25 Alex Jungle Lonely Star (Blame Remix) Kniteforce Records [KF 246]
26 Tim Reaper Pressure Eyes Rave Radio – Calling The Hardcore Vol 4
27 Settle Down All You Need
28 Microcosm Inferno
29 Hornchurch Hardcore Cock Of The Walk Rave Radio – Calling The Hardcore Vol 4
30 Aston & Quicklung Galactica Boogie Times [BOOGIE16] The Raggamuffin Soldiers EP
31 DJ Ande Tina (Dead Dred Remix) Karma Recordings [KR009]
32 4am Kru Just Saw Johnny (Extended Mix) 4AMKV004 – Lost Time EP
33 Hyper On Experience Hardcore Breakfast Kniteforce Records [KF 248]
34 Subjects One More Time Deep Jungle – Evolution LP
35 New Decade Extreme Levels (Peshay Remix) Out Of Romford [KOOR011]
36 Moakz The Night Ravers (Jon Tetly Remix) The Night Ravers
37 DJ Crystl The Dark Crystl VIP Deep Jungle [DAT 065]
38 Higher Level Everybody Can Be (Mr Time 2023 remix) Suburban Base – Krome & Time The Anthology
39 Jon Doe The Outsider (CLSM Remix) Kniteforce Records [KF 207]
40 4am Kru Ooh Boy Self Released
41 On Remand Controllin’ (Pete Cannon remix) Crack House Productions [CH 004] Creative Wax
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