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[FRI] XOYO for the SASASAS Jungle night with Phantasy, Rap & Nicky BM
[SAT] The Vinyl Touch with Terry Hooligan, Aquasky, Ellis Dee & Ragga Twins
Upfront tracks from the Hardcore Junglist world! Now streaming live every week at a new time of 6-8pm every Tuesday.

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1 Wots My Code Dubplate (Sikka Remix) Just Another Label [KJAL 19]
2 Firefox Bonanza Kid Philly Blunt [PB006]
3 Sikka The Way (You Hold Me) Influential [INFL28] Predator EP
4 Slipmatt Breaking Free Awesome [SL 021]
5 LMajor Hornz WNCL Recordings [WNCL 042]
6 DJ Taktix The Way feat Top Buzz (V.I.P Mix) Back 2 Basics [B2B 12007R]
7 Settle Down Sniper E-BEAMZ045
8 Roni Size & DJ Die Music Box Full Cycle
9 Tenebre Full Stab WNCL [WNCL041]
10 Rude Bwoy Monty Out In Da Streets Frontline Records [FL001]
11 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse Drowning In Her (Sonar’s Ghost remix) Over/Shadow
12 Chimeira Deeper Life (Northern Connexion Remix) Back 2 Basics [B2B 12014R]
13 Subjects We Enter Jigsaw Records [JIG 003]
14 Dillinja The Angels Fell Metalheadz [MET 006]
15 Dillinja The Angels Fell Metalheadz [MET 006]
16 DJ Ascend Real Love (DJ Ascend 2024 remix) Karma Recordings [KR016]
17 Cutty Ranks Limb By Limb (DJ SS Mix) Suburban Base [SUBBASE 59]
18 Sully XT XT / Woozy
19 DJ Krust Set Speed V Recordings [V 009]
20 Flatliner Dream Demon Out Of Romford [KOOR015]
21 DJ SS Black Formation Colour Series [BLACK 001]
22 Sikka The Jungle Came Alive Influential [INFL28] Predator EP
23 Hyper On Experience Lords Of The Null Lines (Foul Play Remix) Moving Shadow [SHADOW 30 R1]
24 DJ Nex (Mark Archer) At The Controls (Raas Kemp Remix) The Nex Remixes
25 Tom And Jerry Maximum Style (Lover 2 Lover)
26 Arcane Warriah Over/Shadow [OSH 027]
27 Alex Reece Pulp Fiction Metalheadz [METH 011]
28 Macka Brown Go Down Baby (Stu Keating Full Length Remix) Labello Blanco – Remixes Volume 1
29 Omni Trio Renegade Snares (Foul Play Remix) Moving Shadow [SHADOW 36R]
30 Sully 5ives Over/Shadow [OSH 005]
31 New Blood Worries In The Dance London Some’ting Records  [STRETCH 001]
32 Settle Down & Scotty T On The One Parallax [PARA010] Parazone 2 – Part 1
33 DJ Zinc Super Sharp Shooter (2022 Update)
34 DJ Zinc Super Sharp Shooter (2022 Update)
35 Origin Unknown Truly One (Ant Miles VIP Mix) Ram Records [RAMM 014 REP2]
36 Splash Babylon Dee Jay Recordings [DJX 022]
37 Sikka Hellbound
38 On Remand Controllin (Tango Remix) Crack House Productions [CH 004] Creative Wax
39 Origin Unknown Valley Of The Shadows (New Decade Remix) Ram Records Remixed [RAMM 004REP2]
40 Doc Scott VIP Drumz Metalheadz
41 Exodus & Head Pressure Glass Pipe Fury Tearin Vinyl – Vinyl Fanatiks [TV-VFS003]
42 DJ Stephano Stella (VIP) Kniteforce
43 Q Project Champion Sound (Hyper-On Experience remix) Kniteforce
44 Jo R-Type (Chopstick Dubplate remix) Dubplate
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