New music from the world of Hardcore Junglist’s

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1 The Criminal Minds I See You (Blame Remix) Remixes Non-Specific
2 DJ Crystl Too Deranged to Meditate (Dirty Dubplate Mix) The Golden Era Collection
3 DJ Melody Come Together Cantina Cuts [CCD 01]
4 Orca Discovery Deep Jungle [DAT 077]
5 Worldwide Epidemic Tekfunk Parallax [PARA022]
6 Guilty By Association Bye Bye Baby Mined [MINED 16]
7 T-Cuts 33’s Mined [MINED 16]
8 Dj Sofa Kill A Soundboy (Settle Down remix) Straight Up Breakbeat
9 Arcane Rave Cadet DEFR012
10 Nickynutz Bad Dreams Bad Dreams EP
11 Pete Cannon Love We Had N4 Records [N4 015]
12 DJ Vibes & Wishdokta Obsession (Music’s So Wonderful) Music’s So Wonderful
13 DJ Beeno Light’n’Dark KNiteforce White [KFW 017]
14 ASC Waveform 01 Waveforms [WVFRM 01]
15 Flatliner No Boundaries (Ant Miles Remix) Ram Records [RAMM 009R EP2]
16 Acen Window In The Sky 2092 Kniteforce Records [KF 170 Monolith Box Set
17 Dev/Null Beats Track Future Retro [FR022]
18 Harmony All Your Dreams Deep Jungle [DAT 078]
19 Dwarde Forever Deep Jungle [DAT 075]
20 On Remand Controllin’ (Pete Cannon remix) Crack House Productions [CH 004] Creative Wax
21 Cold Leader The Valley Beyond
22 DJ Stephano Stella (VIP) Kniteforce
23 Sync Dynamix The Medicine master Dub2Go Records [D2G 001]
24 Aeon Four Quantize Humanity Silent Force Recordings – Amalgam Funk EP
25 Dwarde & Tim Reaper Foliage Creative Wax [CW 128]
26 Marcus Visionary Every Moment (Rollers Mix)
27 Subjects Blissful Solace Deep Jungle [DAT 076]
28 DJ Ande Be Bold (Blame ‘Shadow’ Remix) Karma Recordings [KR013] Be Bold EP
29 Tim Clay Wounded FUNCTC001 – Tim Clay Vol 1
30 Madcap Heaven 93 Myriad Recordings
31 Dominique Fontel It’s You and I (Good 2Bad And Hugly Remix) A Different Vibration Vol 1
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