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1 Settle Down Right Now 91 and Rising
2 Silent Approach Hit Em KFP07B2
3 Settle Down Right Now 91 and Rising
5 Silent Approach Hit Em KFP07B2
6 Justice & Necrotype Nitro Parallax [PARA025] Rave Is Dead
7 DJ Terrace Killar Snares Concrete Castle Dubs [CCD 09]
8 UR2wo Lighta’s Up
9 Sanxion Hold Her Remix Records [REC 030]
10 The Bridge Project Palomas (Vali drums roll out edit) Parallax & Laffin Buddha [PARALAB 001]
11 Riffz & Msymiakos Dis 1 Tuna Spandangle Selection [SSV 28]
12 Settle Down & Scotty T On The One Parallax [PARA010] Parazone 2 – Part 1
13 Shadowman Rock a Buy Baby Deadbeat Records [DEAD007]
14 Aural Imbalance Mountain Sky Spatial 022
15 Marcus Visionary Something Divine in You Sell Off EP
16 T-Cuts Flashback
17 FFF No Holds Barred Future Retro [FR028]
18 ASC Repetition Cause and Effect
19 Local Group Planet Earth DEXT019
20 Fracture What a Rush ft MC Freddie Supreme All of the Massive
21 Liquid Silk Bells Of Arptazia (Tim Reaper Remix) Future Retro [FR029]
22 RadioKillaz Killa Boy
23 Haze’n’Fader The Jungle
24 Dev/Null Come Now
25 Model Dawn (Amen mix) 8205 Recordings
26 Subjects Redlight Jigsaw Records [JIG 003]
27 DJ Trace By Any Means Necessary (VIP Mix) Deep Jungle [DAT 079]
28 Outrage Goodbye (Harmony Remix)
29 Tim Reaper Phonetics MINDGAME 1
30 Duburban & Galvatron Without Love Park Sessions 08
31 Subjects Murder Deep Jungle [DAT 080]
32 Sully Extant UH-03
33 Special Request (feat. Novelist) Silver (Tim Reaper Remix)
34 The Anthill Mob Antology Black Rushin’ EP