New music from the world of Hardcore Junglist’s

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1 Ajax Project Crazy For Your Love
2 InnerCore Roll Right Good2Go DMR [G2G021] Kick Four Vol 3
3 UR2wo In Plain Sight
4 DJ Sofa Danger Management Bukva Sound [BUKVA 005]
5 Orca Promised Land VIP Deep Jungle [DAT 077]
6 Dj Skye King Of The Jungle King Of The Jungle
7 Arcane Rave Cadet DEFR012
8 Tim Reaper Changing Times MINDGAME 1
9 Pepsi Slammer The Riddle (Dexta Remix) WNCL
10 Fracture Graveyard Slot All of the Massive
11 Kid Lib Prove Future Retro [FR026]
12 ASC Waveform 04 Waveforms [WVFRM 02]
13 Eusebeia Future Times MINDGAME 2
14 Sully & Kid Lib Open Your Mind The Magic 3 Collection
15 Tommy The Cat You Never Know Why Park Sessions 08
16 Worldwide Epidemic No Way Back Parallax [PARA022]
17 Uplift No Tomorrow
18 Sync Dynamix Eeze Raggae Soundz Dub2Go Records [D2G 001]
19 Dwarde & Tim Reaper Dont Go Away Creative Wax [CW 128]
20 DJ Stephano Stella (SG1 Remix) Kniteforce
21 Harmony Let Me In (Remix) Deep Jungle [DAT 078]
22 Law & Kola Nut Self Control (Dwarde Remix) R-WHITES Vol 4
23 Phineus II Sky Fire Future Retro [FR027]
24 Ruffkutt Solaris Infrared [INFRA LTD 029]
25 Champa B Wake Up Yellow Machines [YMMM 008]
26 DJ Kos Horizons Lost (Sync Dynamic remix) Karma Recordings
27 Blinded By Science The Alpha Omega 8205 Recordings [8205FR 001]
28 Arkyn & Syntax Loving That You’re Givin Motive Hunter EP
29 R2D3 The Dawn Awaits Stolen Groove [SG009]
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