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1 Flatliner The Awakening (Flatliner VIP mix) AmenTec Presents – Off Ya Box – Part One
2 Euphony The Way Of The Underground Bad Onion [KBO 004]
3 KWAKE Ill Type Sound Cosmik Connection Vol. 6
4 Jem 77 Forbidden Planet Warehouse Wax
5 Amy Dabbs & Coco Bryce Still You See Slightly Involved Vol 2 [DABBS 002]
6 Mani Festo Bioscan WNCL 048
7 The Hedgehog Affair The Pipe The Hedgehog Affair Anthology
8 Equinox & Renegade Special Request 8205 Recordings [8205-021]
9 Prism B.R.K Embrace 24
10 Phantasy & Gemini Ruff Beats (remix) Liquid Wax / Vinyl Fanatiks
11 DJ Fokus Watch Out Watch Out/Media
12 Bad Minded X Shadowplay DIT (Remix)
13 Arcane & Jon1st Tears Waves EP / DEFR014
14 Artificial Red Ma Bae Be Luv Myor Massiv 11 – Special Remix Edition Volume 2
15 Aural Imbalance Aurealis Spatial [SPTLP 002] Infinity Spectrum LP
16 ASC Diffusion Spatial [SPTLP 001] Reflections LP
17 Percussive P Vibrating Harmony Future Retro [FR037]
18 Refreshers The Infinite
19 Donya B Bass Romantic Flex
20 Kid Twist Live & Direct Liquid Wax / Vinyl Fanatiks
21 Joseph S Joyce An Ode To Apache (Weighty Jungle Remix)
22 RadioKillaz In The Jungle CJ004
23 Jesta Liquor Snurf Liquor Snurf
24 Dom & Roland Whispers Individual Recordings [IDV 004]
25 Ontology This Music Belongs To All Of Us (Tim Reaper Remix) Future Retro [FR038]
26 DJ Terrace Lovely View Kniteforce Revolution [KFRR 01]
27 Bizzy B & D-Lux Take a Deep Breath (Remix 1) 8205 Recordings [8205-022]
28 Tim Reaper Scorched Earth B2 Scorched Earth
29 Minds At Large Dis And Dat Vinyl Fanatiks [VFS 066]
30 DJ Panik & Freaky In Da Jungle (Vocal) Vinyl Fanatiks
31 DJ Ande 10 Grams [Bay B Kane VIP] Karma Recordings [KR017]
32 Holsten & Overlook All Talk Rupture – All Talk EP
33 Dj Sofa & Mantra The Tunnel The Tunnel
34 Antares Elder Things Ballpark Recordings – BPR Dubs 1
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