Launching the rebranded show – HARDCORE JUNGLIST – Now streaming live every week at a new time of 6-8pm every Tuesday.

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1 Settle Down Look At You 91 and Rising
2 Audio Smack Boy Deep Deep Inside
3 Jonny L Ye3 Kniteforce Records [KF 167]
4 Suburban Architecture Inside Part 2 Inside / Outside EP
5 Tim Reaper & DJ Sofa Loop Digga Parallax – Parazone 2 (Part 1)
6 Peter Darker Read-E-2-Go Future Retro [FR031]
7 Matt Bass 60 Seconds Parallax [PARA017]
8 Stu Keating Ignition Kniteforce Records [KF 265]
9 Blame Robot Revoultion Good2Go DMR [G2G022]
10 Sync Dynamix Don’t Give Up Good2Go DMR [G2G022]
11 Flatliner Desire Good2Go DMR [G2G022]
12 Coco Bryce One Hundred 3AM [3AM08]
13 DJ Trace After Hours (Nine Windows Remix) Deep Jungle [DAT 081]
14 Microcosm Inferno Code Name Records 016
15 Lw One And All Exstatic Records
16 Roy Budd The Thief (Nickynutz remix) Animal Breaks
17 Origin Unknown The Touch (Ant Miles Remix) Ram Records Remixed [RAMM 004REP2]
18 Origin Unknown Valley Of The Shadows (New Decade Remix) Ram Records Remixed [RAMM 004REP2]
19 Microcosm Chockys Children Core Breakz [CB 002]
20 Kloke Different Vibrations Future Retro [FR032]
21 Origin8 & Propa Falling Down Sound Control EP
22 Sikka The Way (You Hold Me) Influential [INFL28] Predator EP
23 Macka Brown Go Down Baby (Stu Keating Full Length Remix) Labello Blanco – Remixes Volume 1
24 Brainstorm Cru Dub Power 2024 DubCru [DUBCRU007]
25 Harmony Transit Deep Jungle [DAT 082]
26 RadioKillaZ Bring It Back Jungle Revolution
27 Sully XT XT / Woozy
28 Opius Dark Stream Of Time Dub2Go Records [D2G 003]
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