Upfront tracks from the Hardcore Junglist world PLUS Worl Exclusive fro The Criminal Minds!
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1 Stanton Warriors v Skool of Thought Bronx Posse Punks
2 Subtifuge x FERAL is KINKY WKD Dem Jungle Revolution
3 Fast Floor Spread Love (original 1994 LP version) Epilogue
4 Liquid Crystal Give All Your Love Chromatic EP Vol 4 – Kniteforce
5 The Criminal Minds H-Bomb Kniteforce
6 Esc Belong II (feat. Modist) Straight Up Breakbeat – Blackbook LP
7 I.Clifton Outragous Blueskin Badger – Cosmic Twist EP
8 DJ Deluxe No Shame Lazarus – No Shame EP
9 Swankout Champaigne N4 Records [N4 023]
10 JLM Productions Permeate Drift Current
11 Arkyn Anything U Want TufLove 002
12 Bad Minded ’93 People
13 DJ Bagpuss Something In The Dark Lazarus [Energy Flow EP]
14 Bad Minded ’93 People
15 DJ Bagpuss Something In The Dark Lazarus [Energy Flow EP]
16 Soeneido Harbinger of Darkness
17 DJ Doubt Solar Winds
18 Unknown Artist We Need Jungle NINETX02 – We Need Jungle EP
19 Blame Fireside Angel Good2Go DMR [G2G024] Steel Circuit Chronicles Vol 3
20 Subjects Fantasy Deep Jungle [DAT 088]
21 Nickynutz Embuscade Per Forza EP
22 4AM Kru Incognito Rhythm (Extended Mix)
23 Fluid Haunts & Tim Reaper Pineapple Soup Future Retro [FRMOTM012] Meeting Of The Minds Vol. 12
24 Danny C & Mike Pears Band Of Gold Deep Jungle [DAT 087]
25 DJ Zinc & Emmanuel Jal Pali (Jungle Mix)
26 Unlimited Vibes Watch The Spin Future Retro [FR039]
27 SLR & The iNOVATOR Illuminate
28 Marcus Visionary The Need In Me
29 Quaad Gonk The Steppin Back EP
30 Outrage & Sonar’s Ghost The Wait Future Retro [FR040]
31 Rhythm Force Vol. 1 Ultra Magic Rhythm Force Vol. 1
32 The Criminal Minds H-Bomb Kniteforce
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