Sometimes you just can’t lock down a guest down in the studio, so it’s time to get them on a call for a chat about the good old days!

I’m lucky to call Slipmatt’s a friend and he has been for many years, but he’s been an inspiration to me as a DJ from day one. It’s always a good chat with Matt as his history is full of genuine passion and love for music and the art of DJing.

If you think you know Slipmatt then take a listen to this as I’m sure there will be some facts about his early history that you never knew!

As always, time’s never on your side so this chat focuses more on where it all began for Matt, his entry into the World Of Rave (yes pun intended!) and we wrapped up around 1994, there’s so much more to come…

Check out Slipmatt’s set from Fantazia NYE 1992/3, one of the best sets I’ve ever heard!


World Of Rave
Old Skool Ibiza – Check out the video below for an amazing raving experience in Ibiza next year!

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