Getting warmed up for Calling The Hardcore this Saturday in Brighton! Tickets here

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1 Pete Cannon Pull Up Selecta
2 Smolny Need Love (Denham Audio Remix)
3 DJH Nightmare Amen Brother [AB-VFS021] Finished Business EP
4 The DJ Producer Want Some More Rave Radio – Calling The Hardcore Vol 4
5 Nookie The Sound Of Music (Pete Cannon Remix) Kniteforce Records [KF200]
6 Worldwide Epidemic Virulent Calling The Hardcore – This Is Jungle Techno
7 Fast Floor Plight Of The Innovators (Remix) Kniteforce Records [KF 243]
8 Innercore Lucid Dreams Calling The Hardcore – This Is Jungle Techno
9 DMS Vengeance (Kingsize Remix) Kniteforce
10 Radicall Do Anything (Dark Mix) Parallax [PARA022] Overgead EP
11 New Atlantic Yes To Satan (Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion remix) Warehouse Wax
12 Hyper On Experience Hardcore Breakfast Kniteforce Records [KF 248]
13 DJ Kos Untitled (Billy Daniel Bunter & Sanxion Slammin Mix) Karma Recordings [KR011]
14 Swankout The Cannon Effect N4 Records
15 DJ Mindhunter Prisoners Of Xtasee Parallax [PARA011]
16 Acen Window In The Sky 2092 Kniteforce Records [KF 170 Monolith Box Set
17 Rob FWA Acid Techno Party
18 Kingsize Darkness & Light Calling The Hardcore – This Is Jungle Techno
19 The Prodigy No Good [Start The Dance] _Music for the Jilted Generation
20 Z-Neo Never Been To Berlin Rave Radio [RRR ] Trueskool LP
21 Settle Down Intense Happiness Blueskin Badger [BSBR017]
22 Jem 77 Never Felt This Way (The DJ Producer remix) Warehouse Wax [WAX 015]
23 Settle Down All You Need 91 and Rising
24 Radicall Venus Parallax [PARA022] Overgead EP
25 Radicall Awakening Parallax [PARA022] Overgead EP
26 Pete Cannon Brok Wild Wicked Lobster Theramin [LTWHT038]
28 Mani Festo Gonn
29 T-Cuts Pump The Bass Parallax
30 DJ T-Cuts Codename Calling The Hardcore – This Is Jungle Techno
31 Acen Thrilla (Ant To Be Remix) Monolith Box Set
32 MINDTRX Psycho UT0P!A
33 Bass Influence All Massive (Seduction’s Jungle Tekno Remix) Calling The Hardcore – This Is Jungle Techno
34 Acen Window In The Sky (Hyper-On Experience Remix) Monolith Box Set
35 The Streets Blinded By The Lights (Pete Cannon x Mixtress Extended Mix) Locked On
36 Skrufneck aka DJ Pooch Our Love (2021 Mix) Vinyl Fanatiks [VFS 032]
37 Tim Reaper Selectors Convention Future Retro [FR019]
38 Dubplate
39 Tim Reaper Elephant Feet Calling The Hardcore – This Is Jungle Techno
40 Dubplate
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