A Journey Through 1991 – Old Skool Breakbeat Hardcore

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1 Rhythm Section Emotion RSR [RS 005] Comin’ On Strong EP
2 Mark One Hoovers & Spray Cans (Version 2) Recherche [RE 002]
3 Bug Kann & The Plastic Jam Made In Two Minutes (Instrumental Club Mix) Dance Till You Drop Records [DTYD-01]
4 Second Phase Mentasm R&S [RS 9109]
5 Cosmo & Dibs Star Eyes Moving Shadow
6 Masters At Work Jus A ‘Lil’ Dope Cutting Records ‎[CR-255]
7 Olympia Art Fx ‘Art 3’ Dance Opera [DO 322]
8 The Badman Presents N.D.X. Higher Than Heaven (Roar Mix) City Beat [CBE 1265]
9 The Badman Presents N.D.X. Come With Me (Naked Dance Mix) City Beat [CBE 1265]
10 The Scientist The Bee Kickin Records [KICK 003]
11 Trigger Stratosphere (Techno Mix) Target Records [TR. 10064/12]
12 SL2 DJ’s Take Control XL Recordings [XLT 24]
13 Razor Boy & Mirror Man Beyond Control Rabbit City [CUT 001]
14 Rhythm Section Feel The Rhythm (Coming On Strong) RSR [RS 005] Comin’ On Strong EP
15 Raging Rockers Kounter Act Ruby Red Records [LTD 15]
16 Success n Effect Let’s Get Busy Not On Label [X / Y]
17 M&M feat. Rachel Wallace I Feel This Way (The Beefed Up Mix) Suburban Base [SUBBASE 006R]
18 Frequency Kiss The Sky Lower East Side [LES 017]
19 G Double E Fire When Ready Jumpin’ & Pumpin’ [12 TOT 10]
20 Acen Close Your Eyes (‘XXX’ Mix) Production House [PNT 034]
21 Manix Special Request Reinforced [RIVET 1209] Manic Minds
22 1st Prodject Right Before (The Fokus Version 1991)
23 Sonic Experience Protein Strictly Underground [STUR 06]
24 CJ Bolland Horsepower R&S [RSUK 6]
25 Genaside II Narra Mine Hardcore Urban Music [URBAN S1]
26 A Guy Called Gerald 28 Gun Bad Boy 28 Gun Bad Boy
27 Manix Feel Real Good Reinforced [RIVET 1209] Manic Minds
28 Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era Far Out Suburban Base [SUBBASE 008]
29 Spectral Touch Somebody (Primary Mix) Cue Records [TCUE-011R]
30 DJ D Hass & X10Civ Hi Tec Muuusic Underground Connection [DDH 1001]
31 Blame Music Takes You (War Mix) Moving Shadow [SHADOW 11]
32 2 Bad Mice 2 Bad Mice (Remix) Moving Shadow [SHADOW 14]
33 Tronik House Up Tempo (Original Mix) KMS [KMS 032]
34 Xray Xperiments Take No Chance Xray Recordings [XRAY 003]
35 DJ SS The E-Face (Bassheavy Mix) Formation [FORM 12003] The Psycho Remixes
36 The House Crew Keep The Fire Burning Production House [PNT 029]
37 Altern 8 Infiltrate 202 Network Records [NWKT 24] The Vertigo E.P. – Remastered Edition
38 Doc Scott Surgery Remix Absolute [ABS 001 DJR]
39 Silver Bullet 20 Seconds To Comply (Final Conflict mix)
40 Dee Patten Who’s The Bad Man (Sound System Mix) Hard Hands [HAND 003T]
41 Bitin Back She’s Breaking Up Micky Finn [MF 001]
42 Rebel MC Featuring Tenor Fly The Wickedest Sound (Don Gorgon Mix) Desire Records [WANTX 40]
43 Shades of Rhythm The Sound Of Eden (Every Time I See Her) ZTT [ZANG 22T]
44 Lennie De Ice We Are I.E. I.E. Records [RTOR]
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