3 Deck Hardcore & Jungle Journey (1991-1994) Unity In The Sun Warm-Up Sessions

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1 Genaside II Narra Mine Hardcore Urban Music [URBAN S1]
2 Rhythm Section Feel The Rhythm (Coming On Strong) RSR [RS 005] Comin’ On Strong EP
3 Digital Domain I Need Relief (Mix 1) Rabbit City [CUT 003]
4 Cosmo & Dibs Star Eyes Moving Shadow
5 Cedric Winkleburger And The Yellow Blueberrys Take It Easy Shut Up & Dance [SUAD 23]
6 Mark One Hoovers & Spray Cans (Version 2) Recherche [RE 002]
7 M&M feat. Rachel Wallace I Feel This Way (The Beefed Up Mix) Suburban Base [SUBBASE 006R]
8 New Era New Era (A) Great Asset [GAD 14]
9 M17 Rockin’ Down The House Chill [TUV 20]
10 Cosmo & Dibs Oh So Nice Help Me / Oh So Nice – EP
11 Venom Never Felt This Way Before Creative Rhythm Records [MAKE 005]
12 SL2 DJ’s Take Control XL Recordings [XLT 24]
13 Spectral Touch Somebody (Primary Mix) Cue Records [TCUE-011R]
14 Stu. J. Take Me To Your Leader Adrenalin Records [STU J 001] Gadjet EP
15 Dave Charlesworth Energizer 1 [B] Energizer 1 [DP 1]
16 Timebase ft Kromozone (Krome & Time) Fireball Boogie Times [B003]
17 Xray Xperiments Take No Chance Xray Recordings [XRAY 003]
18 2 Bad Mice 2 Bad Mice Moving Shadow [SHADOW 03]
19 The Scientist The Bee Kickin Records [KICK 003]
20 World Dominance Compression Powertraxx Records [PTX-EP-003] Breakout’s ‎– Vol II: Between The Grooves
21 Blame Music Takes You (Original Version) Moving Shadow [SHADOW 11]
22 Second Phase Mentasm R&S [RS 9109]
23 A Guy Called Gerald 28 Gun Bad Boy 28 Gun Bad Boy
24 Lennie De Ice We Are I.E. I.E. Records [RTOR]
25 Rhythm Quest Closer To All Your Dreams (Hibrid Mix) Network Records [NWKT 40]
26 Hackney Hardcore Dancehall Dangerous (Version 1) Strictly Hardcore [STHC 01]
27 Tronik House Up Tempo (Original Mix) KMS [KMS 032]
28 Bug Kann & The Plastic Jam Made In Two Minutes (Instrumental Club Mix) Dance Till You Drop Records [DTYD-01]
29 The House Crew Keep The Fire Burning Production House [PNT 029]
30 Urban Hype Trip To Trumpton (The Trumpton Remix) Faze 2 [12 FAZE 5]
31 DJ Seduction Hardcore Heaven (The Reincarnation) Ffrreedom [TABX 111]
32 MC Jay J & Devious D Time Of Our Lives Awesome [SL 005]
33 The Charm De-Men-Tation Bass Overdose Records [CHARM-1] ‘Bass Overdose EP’
34 DJ Phantasy & DJ Gemini Never Try The Hippodrome Liquid Wax [HAN 005]
35 Sy-Kick Upside Hard + Fast [12 QUICK 1]
36 4 Hero Cooking Up Yah Brain Reinforced [RIVET 1216]
37 DJ Rap Divine Rhythm Reverb Records [RVBT017]
38 Family Foundation Xpress Yourself (Jungle Techno Remix) 380 Records [PEW T1]
39 Spectral Touch Somebody (DJ Seduction Remix) Cue Records [TCUE 014]
40 Jonny L Hurt You So (Alright) (The ‘Full’ Mix) Yo!Yo! Records [12YOYO2]
41 EPS Follow Your Leader Symphony Sounds [SYMPHONY 001]
42 Jem 77 Never Felt This Way (Hyper Mix) 21 Records [JEM 006] The Forbidden Planet EP
43 Connection A Different Story Spare Beat [SBRR 006] The Connection EP
44 D-Force Ruff!!! Slammin Vinyl [RAR 002] Original Bad Boy E.P.
45 Tango Can’t Stop The Rush (remix) Formation [FORM 12005]
46 D.B.L 2-Happy PM Recordings [PMT 005] Parliament Music
47 MC Lethal The Rave Digger (Lethal’s Original Mix) Network Records [NWKT 60]
48 DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer Ganja Man Slammin Vinyl [RAR 004] Ganja Man EP
49 Noise Factory The Fire 3rd Party [3RD#2]
50 DJ Trace Inception (After Dark Remix) Out Of Orbit [12 OUT 997]
51 Joint Project (Jaz E & Jaz J) Total Feeling Soapbar [SBR001]
52 DJ Mayhem Damage Basement [BRSS 008]
53 Wax Doctor New Direction Basement [BRSS 011] A New Direction E.P.
54 Dub II Sensi Tip Big City [BC 004]
55 Orca Splash Lucky Spin [LSR-ORC-1] Dances With Dolphins EP No. 1
56 DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer Don’t Need Your Love Slammin Vinyl [RAR 003]
57 DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer 1, 2, 3, 4 Slammin Vinyl [RAR 004] Ganja Man EP
58 Bizzy B & Technochild Obsessions Brain Records [DOPE 13]
59 Jack ‘N’ Phil We Are Unity ft Wendy (Vocal mix) Basement [BRSS 028R]
60 DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer In Effect Slammin Vinyl [RAR 003]
61 DJ Rap & Aston Jeopardy Suburban Base [SUBBASE 32]
62 DJ Ileagle Testify Dee Jay Recordings [DJX 004]
63 The Untouchables N-Joi This Tough Toonz [TT 01DJ]
64 Vibes & Wishdokta Obsession (The Only Remix Because Music’s So Wonderful) Asylum Music [ASYLUM 002]
65 Aurora Firin To The Core Homegrown Records [H.G. 001]
66 Tango & Ratty Final Conflict (Tango & Ratty Remix) Tango & Ratty [TR 002]
67 Oaysis Incredible Bass (Slipmatt Remix) Vicious Pumpin’ Plastic [VIC 003] The Remixes
68 DJ Lee Want Your Love Impact [IMP 012]
69 Foul Play Finest Illusion (Legal Mix) Moving Shadow [SHADOW 29 R2]
70 Smokey Joe Kiss My Neck Strategic Dance Initiative [SDI004]
71 Hyper-On Experience Lords Of The Null-Lines Moving Shadow [SHADOW 30]
72 Jo R-Type Awesome [SL 017]
73 DJ Hype The Chopper Suburban Base [SUBBASE 24] Subplates Volume 1
74 Peshay Gansta 2000 AD Recordings [DES 002]
75 Johnny Jungle Johnny Face Records [RAINT 004]
76 On Remand Black Steel (Part 2) Crack House Productions [CH 002] Creative Wax
77 Tribe Of Issachar Feat. Peter Bouncer Junglist (DJ Zinc Remix) Congo Natty [RAS 3]
78 P-Funk P-Funk Era (diz1iz4yasoul) Frontline Records [FL007]
79 The Undergraduates Into Da Future (Massive Mix) Camden Tunes [CT001]
80 Conquering Lion Code Red (Wild Apachi Mix) X Project [DUB PLATE 4]
81 DJ Trax High Time (Nookie Remix) Moving Shadow [SHADOW 38 R]
82 Remarc R.I.P. (DJ Hype Remix) Suburban Base [SUBBASE50R]
83 Higher Sense Cold Fresh Air Liftin’ Spirit Records [ADMM 3]
84 Tango & Lee Solutions Legend Records [LEG 0010] Legendary Vol 3
85 Roni Size & DJ Die Music Box Full Cycle
86 Urban Shakedown Some Justice ‘94 (Dubplate) Urban Shakedown [MCG-004] Vinyl Fanatiks 2021
87 Tom And Jerry Maximum Style (Lover 2 Lover)
88 Studio 2 Studio 2 Redskins [RS 004] ‘Studio II EP’ – Kemet Repress
89 Flatliner The Big Bang Ram Records [RAMM 009] Liftin Remaster
90 Alex Reece Basic Principles Metalheadz [MET 003]
91 New Blood Worries In The Dance London Some’ting Records  [STRETCH 001]
92 DJ Buz Slave No U-Turn [NUT-005]
93 DJ Crystl Let It Roll Dee Jay Recordings [DJX 020]
94 Rebel MC feat. Top Cat Champion Deejay Congo Natty
95 Renegade Terrorist (Grooverider Remix) Moving Shadow
96 DJ Nut Nut Special Dedication (Ladies Mix) Hard Step Records [HRD 001]


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