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1 Pepsi Slammer Higher
2 Mani Festo Borg (Hooverian Blur Remix) RIPPLE EP – DEXT022
3 Rico Tubbs & Terry Hooligan Forever Dancing Bass = Win
4 DJ Sofa Mind Control Music This Is Jungle Tekno 2
5 Innercore The Phoenix This Is Jungle Tekno 2
6 Tommy The Cat Riding Down The Spiral 50 Down The Curb
7 Kloke Siberia The Cosmik Connection Lost Tape
8 ASC Cells Interlinked MINDGAME 6
9 Marcus Visionary Big Forward Unifying Force LP – Inner City Dance
10 Artificial Red Dharma Deep Jungle [DAT 091]
11 Waveform 12 Waveform 12
12 Origin Unknown Mission Control (Ant Miles VIP Mix) Ram Records [RAMM 014 REP2]
13 Flytronix Night Breedz Over/Shadow
14 Subjects Yummy Deep Jungle [DAT 092]
15 Settle Down All You Need (Turbo mix) Voyage
16 Sicknote To Easy Heart & Soul / To Easy
17 Quaad Rail To Rail
18 Orca What Kind Of World Deep Jungle [DAT 089]
19 Nectax & Tim Reaper London Bridge Future Retro [FR043]
20 Jon Tetly Spread Love Spread Love
21 Galvatron Get Up Get You Up
22 Data B 4am (Atmo Mix) Codename Records – Look To The Future (Vol 2)
23 Harmony Ohh Baby Deep Jungle [DAT 090]
24 4AM Kru Wutt (Extended Mix)
25 Tim Reaper, Ontology, & Dwarde On Sight On Sight
26 Esc Murdoc Straight Up Breakbeat – Blackbook LP
27 Moonwalk Outer Space Aphrodite Recordings
28 lowercase Devil Maze Happenings
29 Wink The DJ Need You Tonight Jungle Tings
30 Java Old Skool Love Steppaz Culture 002
31 Special Request Bounty Hunter SR189 – PORTAL 3
32 Coco Bryce Light Works City Pop
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