Fantazia Takes You Into 1992


I never went to this event as I was at some dodgy rave at Wonderland Arena in Hackney, but I’m eternally grateful for the tape packs that captured some of that era’s most amazing sets! One of which has consistently been in my all-time top 5 – Top Buzz! The pioneering collective consisted of Mad P on the mic and Jason Kaye on the decks, together they were the foundation force behind the Jungle Techno sound. Never afraid to do things differently and play tracks no other DJs would, the Top Buzz collective always delivered a Top Top Top Top Top Buuuuzz!

Top Buzz

The Top Buzz set from Fantazia Takes You Into 1992 was the last set of the night and for me was the defining set that saw the birth of Jungle Techno.  The Buzz fused sounds of Hardcore, early Jungle and 4/4 style Techno belters, with just a sprinkling of classics thrown in for good measure. Add to this, the unmatched lyrical genius from Mad P and the deafening sounds of thousands of ravers giving it everything they had, you have yourself one of the defining sets of that era.

Whether you like or whether you hate we,
You have to respect Top Buzz ability.


I’ve done many tribute sets in my time, mostly for events & promotions that no longer are, but when we lose one of our underground soldiers then the tribute sets take on a whole new level. In March 2023, Jason Kaye left this world to grace the next and left behind a legacy that will burn bright forever. With his set from Fantazia alongside Mad P & Mikee B being one of my all-time fav’s, I wanted to create a vibe based around that set that I can only hope did some form of justice to pay respects to one of the pioneering founders of our scene. RIEP Jason Kaye.


There are a variety of sites that have the track list from that night, but I found a few inconsistencies in them so I set out to not only create an accurate one, but also to link Discogs listings and links to buy the digital versions officially (not all are available, but the ones are found are listed below).  To sense check I got these right I even mixed the record into the tape playing on my laptop to ensure I had the right version! I may have got some wrong, but I’m pretty sure these are all right.

In addition to this, I’ve also created a walk-through video of all the records that were played that night that gives a little background and history to each track that was played that night.

1 New Atlantic Yes To Satan (Promo Version) White Label Warehouse Wax Warehouse Wax
2 2 Bad Mice Bombscare Moving Shadow [SHADOW 14] Discogs Beatport
3 DJ Seduction You and Me Ffrreedom [TABX 103] Discogs Beatport
4 Heavyweight The Way Of The Future (Cool Aid Mix) The One After D [ODE 3] Discogs n/a
5 Leo Anibaldi Bassbar ACV [ACV 997] Discogs Bandcamp
6 Blame Music Takes You (War Mix) Moving Shadow [SHADOW 11] Discogs n/a
7 Sound Corp Dream Finder (Remix) Tone Def Records [003DJ] Discogs n/a
8 One II One Untitled (AA1) One II One Productions [DSST 002] Discogs n/a
9 Venom Never Felt This Way Creative Rhythm [MAKE 005] Discogs n/a
10 2 Bad Mice Ware Mouse Moving Shadow [SHADOW 14] Discogs Beatport
11 Nebula II Atheama (Remix) Reinforced [RIVET 1211R] Discogs n/a
12 Hackney Hardcore Dancehall Dangerous (Version 2) Strictly Hardcore [STHC 01] Discogs n/a
13 Mental Overdrive Soma R&S Records [9141] Discogs Bandcamp
14 Hackney Hardcore Dancehall Dangerous (Version 1) Strictly Hardcore [STHC 01] Discogs n/a
15 Mental Overdrive Electric Sunrise R&S Records [9141] Discogs Bandcamp
16 Isotonik Different Strokes (The Grooverider Remix) FFRR [TAB 101] Discogs Bandcamp
17 New Era New Era Great Asset [GAD 14] Discogs n/a
18 M-D-Emm Get Down (Hardcore Ravers Mix) Strictly Underground [STUR 13] Discogs n/a
19 Dave Charlesworth Energizer 1 (Side B) Energizer [DP 1] Discogs Bandcamp
20 Matrix Rise Reality Mutant Records [12 MUTATE 6] Discogs n/a
21 Potential Bad Boy Everyday Child White Label – Ibiza Records TP Discogs n/a
22 Matrix Rise D.O.Y.L.E Factor Mutant Records [12 MUTATE 6] Discogs n/a
23 DJ SS The E-Face (Bassheavy Mix) Formation [FORM 12003] Discogs n/a
24 2 Bad Mice 2 Bad Mice (Remix) Moving Shadow [SHADOW 14] Discogs Beatport
25 Band Of Gypsies Take Me Higher (Higher Mix) Pulse-8 Records [12 LOSE 16] Discogs iTunes
26 Razor Boy & Mirror Man Beyond Control Rabbit City [CUT 001] Discogs Beatport
27 2 Boasters, A Digestive & A Jammy Dodger We Are About To Take LSD Reel 2 Reel Productions [SHARE 002] Discogs n/a
28 Olympia Art FX (Art 3) Dance Opera [DO 322] Discogs n/a
29 Frequency Kiss The Sky Lower East Side [LES 017] Discogs Beatport