Ed: For this article, we’ve brought in a guest writer, Tariq Ziyad, to tell us his Hardcore story. 

It’s generally accepted that the average Old Skool Hardcore fan is a Gen Xer, now in their late 40s to mid-50s. While this is a fair assumption, like with most things, I’m the odd one out. I turned 12yrs old in February 1992 and I was obsessed with The Prodigy, something my Guns n’ Roses loving peers mocked me savagely for (but I didn’t care).

After a few years of pop dance and commercial rap music, I got the ‘rave music’ bug when ‘Charly’ and ‘Dominator’ hit the UK top 40. Too young and too skint to buy vinyl, my sources for new rave tunes were cassette compilations and Pete Tong’s ‘mad music sweep.’ I wore out TDKs through repeated recordings of each weekly rave half hour on the Essential Selection until Pete sadly moved on and ditched my favourite part of his show towards the end of 92. It was through the ‘mad music sweep’ I discovered some of my most loved tracks to this day.

MC Uproar-Bad Boy

Noise Factory-Be Free

Low Noise Block-Rave In The Bedroom

I drove my parents mad playing the Kaos Theory compilations over and over again. The best volume was the second in my opinion, which featured classics like

House Crew – We Are Hardcore

I’ve included the superior magic fantasy mix here as opposed to the also very decent original as featured on Kaos Theory 2

M D Emm-Get Down

I would pick up cassette albums wherever and whenever I could find them from my local Our Price in Andover, Hants. I managed to get hold of Noise 2, 3 and Red Hot & White Labels which feature these personal gems

Well Ard!-Aard Core

Urban Shakedown-Bass Shake

Bass Balistics-Smoke Dis One

Marveline-Learn To Love (Turbo Mix)

Destruction Productions-What A Rush

My other main source for new tracks was nameless mixtapes (save the name of the DJ). I successfully got my younger cousin into rave music and he gleefully produced a mixtape on one of our sleepovers. It was Ellis Dee, the Edge, 1992, a set that began with this stone cold classic. My cousin liked it because of the swear words!

Menace Makes 3 – Pure Hysteria

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In my first week of college in 1996, a friend gave me a mixtape I would cane for years to come. Dreamscape IV-Ray Keith featuring timeless bangers like:

Nookie – Pedro Pulls An Essex Sort

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Tic Tac Toe-Ephemerol

Chemical Company-Tronic Equator

DJ Seduction – Come On

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The Turk-Lover

Around about 1998-2001, I started to build up a vinyl collection. I had the Dreamscape Triple Packs, one Absolute Oldskool Vinyl Pack and the excellent United Dance 88-92 LP. Sadly, my vinyl had to go due to a tight deadline moving into a new flat. I even had the original Alieneye-Found A Cafe with the Cafe del mar sample. I sometimes cry myself to sleep over losing my vinyl collection!


The good news for oldskool lovers is there’s a small but healthy breakbeat hardcore scene still going strong today thanks to Luna C’s Kniteforce imprint and a new wave of talented DJs and artists like Try Unity and Lavery. Some will disagree with me but I love the new breakbeat hardcore as much as the old and urge you all to give it a go!

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